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The main navigation tree for this site is pictured above.  All the pages in the top and centre rows of the diagram are accessed by clicking the buttons which appear on the horizontal navigation bar at the top of each page.  Pages in the bottom row (e.g. 'Hear Prog Organ') are reached by first going to the corresponding 'parent' page in the centre row (e.g. 'Prog Organ - a VPO').


Brief descriptions of the contents of these pages are:


Home Page

You always come to this page first when arriving at the site having used its basic web address (  It contains information of general interest about the site, together with a large number of freely-downloadable mp3 music tracks played on a three manual organ of my design which has both 'straight' and 'theatre' voices.


Complete Articles

As you can see from the diagram above, this is the gateway page to many complete articles on pipe and electronic organs.  Any article can be selected and then accessed from this page.  For many visitors over the years this page has become the main hub and most important page of the site which they return to repeatedly.


Other Publications

Contains a list of articles which were first published in public domain print journals such as Organists' Review.  Some of these have subsequently been posted on this site, and they can either be accessed from the Other Publications or Complete Articles pages.


Contact Me

Come here if you want to contact me via email.


About the Author

Tells you something of my work and who I am.


About this Website

Contains miscellaneous information including the update history of the site.  Therefore come here if you want to see more about the latest articles which have been posted, etc.  Also contains information concerning copyright, disclaimers and related legal topics.  OK, boring, but could be important now and again especially if you want to quote or use material from the site.


Prog Organ - a VPO

Prog Organ stands for 'Programmable Organ', a computer-based virtual pipe organ (VPO) of my design which simulates many different instruments.  This page tells you something about it.  A large number of freely-downloadable mp3 music tracks can be found on the 'Hear Prog Organ' page which is also accessible from here.


What they say

A selection of the comments received about this website since it was founded in 1999.